Mayro Toyo is a Venezuelan visual artist. His expressive works explore the subtlety in portraits and bodies. His work became the reflection of the vulnerable being in a contrasting environment of color interpreted in a playful way. The source of his inspiration arises from the different states of consciousness and the effects on the perception of time and space of what we call reality, is freely interpreted through the application of techniques that makes the figurativism break into abstraction in some points.

About Me

I was born 35 yrs ago in venezuela, from there I moved to Argentina, in the middle I spent months in Brazil sharing with other artists and then went back to Argentina. Being coexisting surrounded of many different cultures had important influences in my work, feeling attracted mostly by interesting faces and perception of individual realities.

Art passion in me was discovered at 6 years old, at 8 yrs old I started art classes at Casa de la Cultura Pedro Oporto while was doing my regular studies. I started facing it as my career back in 2008 when I started painting bigger pieces, in the meantime I was spending some time in marketing and graphic design.

Since 2011 I have been taking part in several group exhibitions and a consistent stream of collectives shows including a 2015 individual exhibition in Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica (CIC). Where I was part of a Curatorial project. Art fairs and international shows have also been a constant in my career, and my work can be found in private collections in sundry countries around the world.

I'm always innovating with new materials and techniques; I am in constant development and having a lot of fun in the meantime. For the next years, I hope to be able to take part in art residencies, international fairs and to travel while exhibiting my art.


Casa de la Cultura Pedro Oporto, Cabimas, Venezuela (1992)

School of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2016-Paused).


Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina.
Wine & Arts Art Fair
Hipódromo Argetino de Palermo. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Los Nadie ⋅ Solo exhibition
Curated by Fernanda Palacios and Agustina Mistretta. Organized by the Center for Film Research (CIC)
Viento, me voy de viaje ⋅ Group Exhibition
Vuela el Pez. Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Welcome Spring Festival!
Organized by RED ARTE, Buenos Aires, Argentina
SETRA ⋅ La Cura del Domingo
Club el Emergente
Plaza Cortazar Art Fair
Hipódromo Argetino de Palermo. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Awards and Mentions

Pre-selec on Jury. First visual arts show “Rafael María Baralt”.
Mention in The 4th International Painting Competion "Miradas de Latinoamérica"
Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia MACZUL, Maracaibo, Venezuela.
Mention in Paiting Lounge New Experiences 2014
. Braque Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Pre-seletion Jury. “Competion for Early Detetion of Breast Cancer”.
Hospital Italiano. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Pre-selection Jury. 4th Certamen Internacional de Pintura Miradas de Hispanoamérica
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia (MACZUL), Maracaibo, Venezuela